Fleeing the Complex


Fleeing the Complex is a fantastic escape game. You have to escape from the prison complex in the snowy mountains, not just your cell, all the whole prison.

Your mission is to help Henry escape from The Wall - home of the worst but smartest criminals from all over the world. Almost stick soldiers are strong, and guards highly secure the prison.

When you start the game, there are some choices on the screen, and you can choose the option, action, or tool you want to utilize. In particular, your plan of escape includes four choices.

  • Boost Up: After spotting a hatch in the ceiling, Henry has Ellie help him reach the hatch and through a vent. Decide whether to continue his escape on his own or bring Ellie along.
  • Charge Tackle: In an attempt to break free from The Wall, Henry attacks Grigori and sprints to the end of the corridor.
  • Wait for Transfer: Henry is relocated to a different cell, but he can locate and use tools that will allow him to flee. He can contact an ally through a Wall guard's telephone.
  • Play Dead: You pretend to be dead in the hope of fooling the guards and being taken out of the prison.

You can have the option of sneaking past guards, breaking through checkpoints, or fighting with a weapon. Get the keys to the truck and get out of here. Make your choices exactly and escape from the prison!

Features of Fleeing The Complex

  • Exciting and interesting gameplay
  • Various choices
  • Cool effects and music

How to play

  • You're given a choice on the screen, and you choose the option, action, or tool you want to utilize.