About Fleeing the Complex


Fleeing the Complex is a fantastic escape game. Try to choose the correct objects to help Henry escape from the prison complex in the snowy mountains.

The game takes place in a snowy mountain where the Wall is located. It is the home of the most dangerous prisoners in the world. The main character Henry who is a notorious criminal is also imprisoned in it. He needs your help right now.


In this game, your mission is to help Henry escape from The Wall prison by selecting the correct objects such as a gravitor, grenade, sniper. adrenaline, and so on. This prison complex holds a lot of the worst but smartest criminals from all over the world. When he finds a way to escape from prison, he has to give many important decisions. You will be his brain and make the smart decisions to defeat or hide from the guards. The options should be chosen quickly and reasonable because the time is limited. Click the mouse on the options to choose. When you start the game, there are some choices on the screen, and you can choose the option, action, or tool you want to utilize.

What are the options you can choose?

There are many options that you can select for free. Here are a few typical options:

  • Boost Up: After spotting a hatch in the ceiling, Ellie who is waiting for a transfer to her cell helps Henry reach the hatch and through a vent. After her help, Henry decided to escape from the prison with her. Two prisoners support together to run away from the terrible prison.
  • Charge Tackle: Henry attacks Grigori and sprints to the end of the corridor and tries his best to run away from the Wall.
  • Wait for Transfer: Henry is transferred to a different cell, but he can locate and use some tools that are useful for his flee. This means he needs other help by contacting an ally through a Wall guard's telephone.
  • Play Dead: Henry pretends to be dead to fool the guards. Then, he will be taken out of prison.

Game map

The game features a Map which shows you all choice screens during the game. The map is distributed into 4 main branches corresponding to the 4 options above. Particularly, the 4th branch is divided into 2 small branches. You can choose one of them if you want to revisit any choice screen that you have already reached. Keep in mind that the choice screen will become golden if you get all fails.

A new feature

This version of the series added a completely new feature which is Quick Time Events. After you choose the option "Charge Tackle", Henry will hit the police and try to run out of the prison. At this time, three options appear in the middle of the screen and there is a timer on the top of the screen. This timer warns you how much time you have to make a choice. If you don't choose anything when the time's up, Henry will be shot by the cop. Therefore, you need to make a decision as quickly as possible.

Developer: Puffballs United developed this game which is the 5th instalment of the Henry Stickmin series. It was initially released on November 12th 2015.

How to control: Click the left mouse to choose the object

Some strategies to get all medals in Fleeing The Complex

This game has a total of 18 achievements which you're expected to complete. Here is a list of all medals and some tips to get all of them.

  • Rank GI: You can choose these options in order: boost up, left, whoopee cushion, power jump, balloon, helium, leaf, and dinghy.
  • Rank PD: It can be achieved by clicking on these buttons in order: charge tackle, acrobatics, item, lower middle man, truck, slam, and then wait.
  • Rank CA: If you want to get this medal, you should follow this order: boost up, up, synchronized takedown, the force, sniper rifle + taser, toss, make a face, then click the far-right arrow to select the motorbike.
  • Rank IRO: You have to make these decisions in order: wait for the transfer, laser plane, government, flash, mini helicopter, up, then click the guy on the far left.
  • Rank TB: Click on these buttons in order: wait for the transfer, laser plane, toppat clan, drill pod, sick ride.
  • Kredit 2 Team: Don't skip credits if you want to earn this medal.
  • Patron of Tunes: You must listen to a song linked to the credits in order to get this rank.
  • Master of The Wall: Try to earn every other medal to get it
  • Golden Boy: To earn this medal, you need to get all 60 unique fail animations
  • 101 Failmations: If you want to gain this medal, you need to fail 101 different times while playing.
  • Rise and Shine: You need to wake up and smell the snow to get it
  • bruUGHNO: If you want to get this medal, you need to look for the three hidden Shoop da Whoop faces in the game
  • Nailed It: If Henry stuck the landings, you will achieve this rank.
  • Waldo: During the final choice, you can see him behind the rock in the "Convict Allies" pathway. If you want to get this medal, click on him immediately.
  • Secret 1: The first secret medal is "aeiou". If you want to get it, you must follow this order: boost up, left, whoopee cushion, power jump, balloon, and plunger boots. After choosing plunger boots, you get fail. On the fail screen, you will see an "aeiou" word. Click on this word 7 times to get the first secret medal.
  • Secret 2: The second secret medal is "spooked". To gain this medal, you need to click on these buttons in order: charge tackle, acrobatics, and item. When standing in the yard, you have to select to enter Freddy's Building. If you get scared by Freddy Fazbear's jumpscare you will get this medal.
  • Secret 3: The final secret medal is called "Easy Medal". To earn this medal, you have to choose this pathway: Wait for the transfer, Laser plane, Toppat Clan, Drill Pod, and Slingshot. After getting a fail, the fail screen invites you to "click here" to gain this medal