About Escaping The Prison

Escaping The Prison is a thrilling stickman puzzle game. Consider carefully and choose the proper object to help Henry escape from the prison.

Simple Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, Henry is sent a mysterious birthday cake which contains 6 objects. You can see 6 options appearing on the screen. You have to select a proper object to help Henry Stickmin get out of the prison without getting caught. Each option leads to a surprising twist, so you have to think carefully and then make a smart choice. Here’s a list of these options.

  • File: If you select this option, Henry will get a file which can be used to cut the door and the window of the cell. However, if he cuts the window, he will fall to death. Reversely, if he cut the door, he will be chased by the police.
  • NrG Drink: When he drinks it, he will become more powerful and the time is stopped. He can bend easily a metal bar of the door. Then, he carries Rupert Price and throws him into a trash bin. Unfortunately, as soon as he gets out of prison, he dies from a heart attack.
  • Teleporter: Henry uses it to teleport out of the prison. Unluckily, his destination is a firing range. He appears in front of a target and is killed by police.
  • Rocket Launcher: He fires the rocket down the hall, but the projectile reverses course due to a sideways U-pipe. It explodes and kills him.
  • Cellphone: In this option, Henry gets a cellphone. He calls his lawyer named Felix White. A trial takes place on the afternoon of September 9th in the district court. You must choose the right evidence to exculpate and free him.
  • Drill:  He uses it to drill a large hole in the cell. When going through the hole, he gets down to a bathroom on the lower floor. Then, he is chased by police and stole a police car to escape.

Features of the game

Like Fleeing The Complex, this version also has Quick Time Events which shows the time limit in each option. The game will fail if you can’t choose the object before time’s up. Therefore, you must select an option as quickly as possible.


The game was made by Puffballs United and released on April 11. It is the second version of the Henry Stickmin series. If you like this game, check out the other sequels including Stealing The Diamond, and Infiltrating The Airship.

All achievements in Escaping The Prison

There is a total of 7 achievements in this game. You can accomplish them as the game progresses. Here is the list of 7 achievements and how to obtain all of them.

  • LU Medal: To get this medal, you need to choose the Cell phone to call Henry’s lawyer named Felix White. After that, present Disguising Bag as evidence to the judge.
  • BBO Medal: Select the Drill and then the crowbar. Click the down arrow and then click the left arrow.
  • SE Medal: If you want to obtain this medal, you must use the file to cut the door of the cell. Then, be quick to click the Alert button to combat the police. Then, Henry will hide in a closet to avoid the chase of the police. Use the chair to climb on the ventilation pipe and go right. Finally, you must select the plungers to escape from the prison.
  • lolbrawlreference: To gain this medal, you must click Down Arrow to make Henry slip.
  • BRAAAGH!! Medal: Click the sun to find the first Shoop da Whoop in any of these games in the credits of the sneaky ending.
  • Prisoneer Medal: Try to fail 18 times to get this medal. Note that they must be 18 unique fails.
  • Donut Want medal: You must look for 5 clickable donuts hidden in various locations. Then, click on them to get this medal.