About Diver Escape

Diver Escape is a challenging point-and-click game like Mental Hospital Escape. Your mission is to solve a series of challenging puzzles to help a Scuba Diver get out of the house.

This game requires you to solve many challenging puzzles to find some hidden objects. The puzzles are really challenging, so you should find some clues around the house. Besides, if you are unable to continue, click the hint button on the right top of the screen. It will give you a suggestion about the next move. After the puzzles are solved, the closets in the house are unlocked. many objects are hidden in the closet. Collect them and place them in suitable holes to find a key. Use the key to unlock the door and help a Scuba Diver escape. Note that the time is limited. Therefore, you have to solve all puzzles as quickly as possible. Break a leg!

This interesting game features 10 puzzles with the same level of difficulty. Do your best to complete all of them. Click the Play button to play this awesome game now and have fun! Developed by 8B Games, this game is available online for gameplay on both mobile devices and PC. Invite your friends or relatives to play it right now and enjoy it. The diver is waiting for you to rescue him. If you enjoy this escape game, check out another similar game which is Mystic Escape on our website.

Tips to win Diver Escape

  • Find the clues on the perfume, chickens and portrait picture.
  • Pay attention to the words or shapes: Look at a surfboard in the picture. You can see the word “California” which is the answer. Besides, the shapes of the perfume bottle are also the answers.
  • Collect all hidden objects in the house: If you see any objects in the house, put them into your bag. Then, place these objects into suitable holes.