About Murder


Murder is a fantastic arcade game. Attempt to assassinate the King to take the throne. If you are a king, try to catch any person who wants to murder you.

There are two main characters including a murderer and a King in this game. If you play as a murderer, your objective is to assassinate the King to take the throne. Hold a SPACEBAR until the progress bar is full. The King can look back at any time, so be careful. You will be imprisoned in the dungeon until death if you get caught. If your assassination plan is successful, you can replace the King. Quickly take his clothes and become the King yourself.

If you transform into a King, you have to prevent anyone who is trying to murder you. Hold a SPACEBAR to look back. Note that not everyone is a murderer. The progress bar on the top of the screen represents your longevity. If it is empty, you will die from old age. Do your best to survive until you are old and die. After you die, the murderer will become the King. Try to kill the King to regain the throne.

Actually, this game features many surprisingly dramatic twists. This helps to lift your mood when playing it. Come on! Play this game now and have fun. If you enjoy this game, check out another interesting assassination game which is Infiltrating The Airship on our website. It is also exciting and easy to play.

Tips and Tricks

  • Don't hesitate to drop your knife when the King coughs
  • Look back whenever the assassinator raises his hands

How to play

Press a SPACEBAR to prepare your attack or look back

More facts about Murder


This game was developed by Studio Seufz. Its HTML5 version was released in August 2019. The game is available online in the web browser and playable on both mobiles or PC.

Features of the game

  • Dynamite storyline and surprising twists
  • Many characters
  • Simple controls
  • Eye-catching 2D graphics and thrilling sound effects