About Prison Escape Master

It's time to tease your brain with challenging tasks in Prison Escape Master. Draw escape routes to help your friends get out of the prison safely.

In this game, you have to make a plan to escape from prison. Draw an escape route to help your friends to escape. Be careful! Try to avoid security cameras, power grids, lasers and police on the prowl. The security rotates and detects the motions in particular zones. The power grids are special panels that strike you with electricity. The red lasers set up the alarm protocol. Be quick to move the group when the system is out. The police stand in one spot or patrol around the prison. Try your best to avoid them if you don't want to get caught. If three prisoners can reach the safe area safely, you will get a victory.

This game features 40 levels with different degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more challenging it is to escape. Do your best to complete all levels and have fun. Break a leg!

If you want to try a thrilling feeling, come to Prison Escape Master. This game requires you to combine control skills and your intelligence. Save your friends and yourself from prison with your genius brain. So, why don't you click the Play button to play this game now? You will have an exciting experience when you try it. If you want to seek more thrills, check out Stealing The Diamond to participate in the plan of stealing the most precious diamond in the world.

Features of Prison Escape Master

  • 40 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty
  • A variety of threats and obstacles
  • Simple control
  • Nice 3D graphics and thrilling sound effects

How to control

Drag to draw lines

Use arrow keys to move