About Rescue The Cute Little Girl

The rule of the game

Rescue The Cute Little Girl is a fun and entertaining puzzle game like Mental Hospital Escape. Solve all puzzles in the underground bunker. Try your best to rescue the poor girl.

In this game, your objective is to solve a variety of puzzles to rescue an adorable girl who is trapped in an underground bunker. The cute girl, Sophia, really needs your help. Try to find hidden items such as a hammer, ring, paper, and so on as they will assist you a lot as the game progresses. You can use them to unlock new rooms or new puzzles. Especially, the answers to the puzzles are often written on paper. If you get stuck, you can use the hint button on the right top of the screen. It will give you a suggestion about the positions of the puzzles that youre expected to solve. The puzzles are really tricky. Do your best to solve all puzzles in the shortest time.

Dont hesitate! Sophia is really hungry and waiting for you to save her to get out of the underground bunker. Come to this game and challenge yourself with a series of difficult puzzles. After you rescue a little girl, dont forget to rescue a diver in Diver Escape. He also gets stuck in the house and needs help.

Developer and platform

The game was created by Ice Stone and released in March 2022. It is playable on both PC and mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Clues to solve puzzles in Rescue The Cute Little Girl

  • Seashell on the plant and the roof are useful
  • Open a scroll on the table to find the answer
  • The screwdriver can be used to open the cabinet door
  • Use the paper knife to open the carton
  • Use the hammer to smash the jar
  • The magnifying glass is a useful tool to find the answer on the door
  • A ring is the final key