About Labo 3D Maze


Labo 3D Maze is an entertaining adventure game. Your objective is to control your character to avoid many dangerous traps and explore 24 different mazes.

In this game, you have to control your character to collect keys and solve puzzles in the maze. As soon as you collect enough keys, the exit door is automatically unlocked. Try to run as fast as possible to reach the exit door to escape from the maze. The minimap on the right top of the screen allows you to know where your position is in the maze. Be careful with dangerous obstacles and traps in the maze. Try to avoid them if you don't want to lose soon. You have only 3 lives. If you unexpectedly hit the traps, you will lose a life. The game is over if you run out of lives.

How to control

  • Press WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to move
  • Press an E key to interact
  • Use the mouse to zoom in/ out the camera

Interesting features of Labo 3D Maze

Threats in the maze

There are many deadly traps and obstacles in the maze. Therefore, you have to be careful. Here's a list of obstacles and how to dodge them.

  • Spikes: The spiked traps are set on the ground or the wall. The spikes will go up and down constantly. When the spikes go down, you must run as fast as possible to overcome this trap.
  • Tornadoes: The tornadoes move from left to right and reverse back again in a certain range. If you don't want to be blown up, you must be patient to wait for it to go far from you.
  • Fire: The fire will appear unpredictably, so it is the most challenging trap in the maze. As soon as it disappears, you need to run as fast as possible to overcome it.
  • Rolling iron balls: The giant iron ball rolls from left to right and revers back again in the maze. If it crushes on you, the game is over. Therefore, you have to wait for it to roll far from you and then run to evade it.

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Levels of the game

There is a total of 24 levels in this game. Each level has a different degree of difficulty and series of obstacles. The higher the level, the more obstacles you have to overcome. Do your best to pass all of the levels.

Cool characters

This game offers 5 special characters that you can choose for free. They are a boy wearing glasses, a cute girl in a red dress, a cool black girl, an adorable white boy, and a boy with a big head. They are teenagers who are passionate about exploring mysteries.