About Escape Out

Escape Out is finally here! It is an amazing game in which you must help prisoners dig an escape tunnel out of prison. Try to collect as much money as possible.

In this game, your mission is to dig the right way to get out of prison. The tunnel is started in the prison cell and finishes outside the outer-most wall beyond the prison area. You can meet other prisoners who failed and got stuck in the tunnel. Try to save all your mates and take them outside the prison. The game only ends when all escapees get free. Be careful with a variety of dangerous underground traps. They are set up to prevent prisoners from escaping. Try to guess their positions and avoid them if you can. Attempt to get 3 stars and step up to the next level.

Besides escaping, you also have to collect as much money as possible. Note that there is a lot of money hidden in the treasure chest. Therefore, don't ignore any treasure chest you see along the way. Use the money you earn to unlock new cars at random in the shop. Spin the slot machine to receive many surprising rewards.

Tap to play this interesting escape game now and participate in the plan to escape from prison. Share it with your family or friends and play it together. Besides, you can try playing another escape game which is Airplane Missile Escape on our website.

More interesting things about Escape Out

A variety of cars

A shop sells various cars such as a coffee car, a truck, a bus, a van, a pickup and so on. You can unlock the car in two ways. The first way is to use the money you earn to unlock a car at random. The second way is to spin the slot machine to get a car.

Many challenging levels

This game features many levels with different degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more challenging it is. Utilize your logical thinking to pass all levels and help all prisoners get out of prison.


This game was developed by BPTop and released in September 2020. It is playable on both PC and mobile devices on our website, like Infiltrating The Airship.