About Mall Service

Fun gameplay

It's a chance to become a cleaning staff in Mall Service. Collecting waste, cleaning the floor and repairing all malfunctioning machines are all your tasks.

In this game, you transform into a cleaning staff in the mall. You are responsible for collecting waste around the mall and then throwing them into the garbage bins near the entrance. Besides, you also need to clean all water spillings on the floor to avoid slipping. In addition, some electronics in the mall are broken. If they can't be repaired in time, it will cause a fire and endanger customers. Therefore, you have to fix all malfunctioning machines. If you complete a task, you will be paid a lot of money. You can use the money you earn to unlock new stores like a salon, a gym club and a coffee shop. In addition, you can spend the money to upgrade your stats. It is a good idea to prioritize upgrading the price of garbage and repair services to increase your income. Then, you can upgrade the speed to run faster. Do your best to complete all tasks and keep the mall clean to attract more customers to your mall. Try to expand your mall as large as possible and become the most successful mall owner.

Play the game now and have fun. Attempt to earn as much money as possible, When you become rich, you can explore the universe in Moon Mission.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the character

Some interesting facts about Mall Service


This game was created by Andy Games. It was released in August 2022.


The game is available in the web browser. It can be playable on both PC and mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Features of Mall Service

  • Many unlockable areas in the mall
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Simple control
  • Nice 3D graphics