About Stealing The Diamond


Stealing The Diamond is an interesting arcade game. Your mission is to choose items wisely to break into the museum and steal the precious blue diamond.

One day, Henry, a stickman super thief watched a program which introduced the big blue diamond. Especially, this diamond is worth up to 12 million dollars. Your mission is to help Henry to break into the museum and steal this diamond. The game will offer you many selections such as a teleporter, jumble hopper, shrink ray, invisibility pill, tranquillizer and so on. Click the left mouse button to choose the right item to complete the plan successfully. After you steal the diamond, attempt to escape from the museum safely. Keep in mind that every decision causes a surprising twist. Be careful!

This game features a dynamite storyline, so it will attract you four hours to play it. It is not only funny but also interesting; thus, this game is suitable for players of all ages. Why don't you click the Play button to play this game now? Do your best to get as many medals as possible. Share this game with your friends and relatives and play it together. It can be accessed on both mobile and PC, so you can play it anywhere and anytime.


Stealing The Diamond was developed by Puffballs United. It is the third instalment of the Henry Stickmin game series and the prequel of Fleeing The Complex and Infiltrating The Airship.

Features of the game

  • Dynamite storyline
  • Many surprising twists
  • Easy to play
  • Simple 2D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Some ways to obtain all medals in Stealing The Diamonds

This game features 10 medals. If you want to get all medals in the game, read carefully the below list of medals and the way to win all of them.

  • Aggressive: To get this medal, you must choose these options in order: Burst In, Ram, Shield, Tow Cable, Rock, Bubble, and then Diamond.
  • Undetected: If you want to obtain this medal, make these decisions in order: Sneak In, Teleporter, Penny, Wire, Hammer, Plank, Diamond
  • EPIC: To obtain this medal, you must follow this order: Sneak In, Pick, Plane, Left Arrow, Mushroom, Bottom Left Button
  • Fail Champion: If you make 40 unique fails, you will gain this medal.
  • Failtastic: If you fail up to 50 times, you will get this medal
  • Like a D6: When you use Jumble Hoppers, you will lose 2 points for each fail. If you fail 3 times, you will get this medal.
  • BUNP: To gain this medal, you must choose a Snap Neck to make henry fall off the stairs.
  • 01100010: When the fail screen of Goodball presents, you must close at least 3 error windows to get this medal.
  • It's a joke guy: On the Liquidificator's instruction sheet, you must click the misspelled word to get this medal
  • Obscure Medal: When Henry goes around the museum, you can see many portrait pictures. Click on them to obtain this medal.
  • Secret Medal: When you choose Wormhole Rifle, you will fail. At this time, you need to read a long description and click the word "here" to get the secret medal.