About Infiltrating The Airship


Infiltrating The Airship is a funny adventure game. Your mission is to select the useful items to infiltrate the airship and capture the evil Toppat Clan.

In this game, you play as Henry who is a stickman prisoner. Your mission is to infiltrate the airship and capture the evil Toppat Clan. Toppat Clan is a group of thieves who steal many precious treasures. This may be a challenging and dangerous mission. You have to click the left mouse button to choose where you start to break into. Then, choose the items such as a spider, robots, grapple gun, bomb, joy buzzer, expanding foam and so on. The item you choose must support you a lot to complete the mission. Each choice causes a surprising twist. If you choose wrongly, you fail. However, don’t give up. Click a Retry button and try another way. Break a leg!


This game is the fourth version of the Henry Stickmin game series which was developed by Puffballs United. If you like this game, check out the first version - Breaking The Bank and the last version - Fleeing The Complex on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Infiltrating The Airship

1. How to get all achievements in this game?

This game features 19 achievements. Here is the list of all medals and how to get them:

  • Rank GAPI: If you want to get this medal, you must follow this order: Earpiece, Vacuum, Glue, Robo Helper, Bone Melt, Spook, Reroute the power, Force Gun
  • Rank PBT: If you want to obtain this medal, you must make decisions in this order: Grapple Gun, wait, vent, leap, paperizor, Shrink n' Grow, Armor, prototype disc
  • Rank RPE: To gain this medal, you must choose in this order: Cannon Ball, Chair, Eject, Beans, Rocket Jump, Dirk, Glider, Dummies
  • Rank RBH: Get a victory by choosing in this order: Cannon ball, Chair, Eject, Beans, Rocket Jump, Dirk (Tools) or Yo-yo (Goods), Glider, Tank.
  • Master of Fails: If you fail up to 60 times, you will get this medal. Note that they must be 60 unique fails.
  • Failpocalypse: If you get up to 100 fails. you will obtain this medal.
  • Kredit 2 Team: Watch the credit without skipping in order to get this medal
  • Music Enthusiast: When you watch the credit, click on a music link.
  • Bound To The Earth: When Henry is fighting against the Right Hand Man, select the option "Yo-Yo" to start an Earthbound-style fight, then "Goods" to win.
  • The Last Fantasy: In the battle with the Right Hand Man, you must choose Dirk to start a Final Fantasy-style fight, then "Tools" to win.
  • Famous Movie Line: There is a quote from Mushu the dragon from Disney's Mulan on the fail screen for Ninja Star. You must click the letters M-U-L-A-N to get this medal. Click the letters M-U-L-A-N in the text to acknowledge this.
  • Buttery Snack: When choosing Parachute, you will fail. On the fail screen, you must click the word "Butterfingers" to obtain this medal.
  • Barnyard Blitz: When Henry hides in the ventilation duct with the electrical defence, you must choose the option "Make an animal noise".
  • Gold: If you want to get this medal, you must click the word "Banana" on the Banana Bomb fail screen.

2. How many endings are there in the game?

There is a total of four different endings corresponding to 4 options at the beginning of the game. Moreover, the game also has one fake ending.