About Wobble Boss


Wobble Boss is an amazing action game. Your objective is to escape from the office room without getting caught by a security camera or the security guard.

In this game, you play as an agent who broke into the offices to find the secret of the unlimited floor building. However, the night guards of this building noticed your intrusion. They are looking for you everywhere. You must move carefully and try to stay in the shadow. If you appear in the lighted range, you will get caught and the game is over. Sometimes the doors are locked. Therefore, you must collect a key or press a red button that you find in the room to unlock the door. Attempt to run to an elevator door to leave the office and move on to the next floor.

Besides escaping, your mission is also to collect as much money as possible. A shop sells a variety of skins. Spend the money you earn to purchase your favourite skin.

The building in this game has 25 floors. The higher the floor, the more difficult it is to escape. Therefore, patience and carefulness are extremely vital if you want to win all levels in this game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics and thrilling sound effects. this game will bring you moments of excitement.

Features of Wobble Boss

  • Many levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • A shop selling many cool skins
  • Easy control
  • Incredible 3D visuals and catchy music tunes

How to play

  • Use the mouse to play