About Moon Mission

Moon Mission is a funny arcade game. Collect as many resources as possible to update and operate your rocket. Then, travel to many planets in space.

Engaging gameplay

In this game, your objective is to control an astronaut to move around the planet to collect as many resources as possible. Deliver the resources near the rocket to charge it. When the rocket is fully fueled, you can travel to another planet. Actually, the amount of resources on the planet is limited. Therefore, you have to build a system of exploiting resources to get more of them. This system includes

  • Oil shore: Use the resource to build an oil shore. The oil shore will help exploit the black fuel automatically. Don’t forget to upgrade it to speed up the exploiting speed.
  • Treadmills: If you want to increase the exploiting speed, use the resources to purchase many treadmills. The astronauts will run on the treadmill to supply more power for the oil shore. Note that the more treadmills you have, the faster the exploiting speed is.
  • Factory: You can use the resources to build a factory. The factory will help to change the black fuel to white fuel. The operation of this factory is completely automatic. However, its production speed is fairly slow. Therefore, you need to upgrade it to speed up the production. Moreover, use the resources to purchase a conveyor. The conveyor will transfer black fule from the oil shore to the factory. This also helps to make the production speed quicker.
  • Greenhouse: You can build a greenhouse to grow a variety of vegetables. Harvest vegetables in the greenhouse to feed the astronauts who are running on the treadmills.
  • A shop: There is a shop near the rocket. You can go to the shop to buy vehicles to go faster. Besides, you can purchase more areas.

Play this game now to be the astronauts and discover many planets in the galaxy. If you enjoy playing this game, you can check out the most played game on our website. It is Fleeing The Complex.

How to control

  • Press and move your mouse to collect fuel and move.
  • Stop pressing the mouse if you want to put fuel into a rocket.

More interesting things about Moon Mission

Mini Rocket

The mini rocket is located next to your rocket. It contains a lot of resources including black fuel and white fuel. You need to control the astronaut to press the button in front of this rocket. It will offer you a lot of resources and then fly away. After a few minutes, the rocket will come back and offers a lot of resources.

Stunning 3D graphics

This game simulated a part of the planet in the universe. The graphics are colourful and impressive. This brings you the most realistic playing experience.


This game was created by 2Play and released in April 2022.


The game is available online in the web browser. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.