About Heroball Adventures


Hero Adventures will let you participate in a journey with a red ball. Guide the ball to evade traps along the way and rescue your ball friends.

In this game, your goal is to run as fast as possible to the finish line where a red flag is raised. Be wary of the enemies and deadly obstacles such as spikes and buzzsaws on the road. You will lose a heart if you crash into them. Remember that you have only 3 lives. The game is over if you run out of lives. You should control the red ball to jump as high as possible to evade the obstacle and opponents in front of your way. Besides, your friends are imprisoned in cages. You must look for the keys along the way. You can use them to unlock the doors of the cages. Try to rescue as many friends as possible. In addition, collecting stars is also an important mission. The more stars you can collect, the higher score you can get. Attempt to collect as many stars as possible to gain the highest possible score.

How to play

Press "WASD" keys or "ARROW KEYS" to move and jump

Additional information about Hero Adventures

Some of the threats along the way

  • Spikes: The spike trap often appears along the way. You have to control the ball to jump as high as possible to evade it.
  • Buzzsaws: You can see many buzzsaws on the path. They can move from up to down and vice versa. Therefore, you are advised to wait for it to move down and then control the ball to jump as high as possible to dodge them.
  • Evil square monsters: They are your largest enemy. You must jump on their heads to eliminate them.
  • Laser beams: You will meet this trap in Level 4. It only appears for 3 seconds. As soon as it disappears, you need to control the ball to roll as fast as possible through it.

Levels in the game

This game features 15 challenging levels. Play this game now and complete all of the levels Don't forget to share this game with your friends if you find it interesting. Otherwise, Infiltrating The Airship is waiting to offer you a new exciting adventure with the notorious criminal Henry.