About Stickman Warriors


Stickman Warriors is a brain-training puzzle game. Your objective is to cut the block into different shapes to fill the holes to escape from the prison.

In this game, you have to help a stickman escape from the prison by cutting the block into different shapes to fill the holes there. To do that, you have to utilize your imagination and geometry ability to cut accurately. Keep in mind that the stickman can't overcome the high wall. Therefore, one tip is to cut the block in a diagonal direction to create a slope.  Note that the number of cuts is limited. Therefore, think carefully before taking any cut. Utilize your spatial imagination to win the level. Do your best to help the stickman reach the exit door. If you can help the stickman to escape from the prison successfully, you are qualified to step up to the next level. If you fail to do that, don't worry. Click a restart button to play it again and try another effective way.

The game is not only interesting but also highly addictive. Are you looking for a brain exercise game? This game is a great fit for you as it will challenge your mind with a series of challenging levels. The higher the level, the harder it is. Can you beat all levels? Click the Play button to give it try now.

Features of Stickman Warriors

  • Many levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Easy control
  • Bright 2D graphics and catchy music tunes

How to play

Use the mouse to cut.