About Get The Girl

The rule of the game

Get The Girl is a joyful puzzle game. Your mission is to pull out the pin to help the boy meet the girl. Try to avoid dangerous animals and traps.

In this game, you have to help the boy get the girl by pulling out the pins. Be careful with the thief, lava, dangerous animals and deadly traps. If you pull the wrong pin, the boy or the girl will be in danger. Therefore, you have to consider carefully to choose the correct one. You can utilize the traps or obstacles to kill the wild animals and thieves. Then, pull the pin that locks the way of the boy If you can protect the girl and help them meet together safely, you will pass the level. You will be rewarded a lot of coins after winning.

Dangers in the room

The game features many threats that you have to face. Here’s the list of threats in the room and how to dodge them.

  • Wild animals: There are many wild animals like a bear, a spider, an elephant, and a bull. They are aggressive and ready to attack the guy. If you want to eliminate them, you need to utilize the other obstacles.
  • Bombs: It will explode if the guy touches it. Therefore, you need to pull the pin to make it drop into the wild animals. After touching the animal, it will explode and disappear.
  • Spikes: The spike trap is set on the floor of the room. If you want to clear it, you need to lure the animal to run through the trap.
  • Thieves: The thief stands between the boy and the girl. Utilize the other obstacles to defeat him.
  • Fire: The fire trap is placed on the floor. It will cause damage to the boy if he walks over it. It blows fire for 3 seconds and takes 3 seconds to reload. When the fire disappears, you have to be quick to pull the pin and then the boy can run over it safely.
  • Cannon: It fires a heavy projectile and kills anyone who walks over it. If you want to avoid the projectile, run as fast as possible through the cannon right after a shot is made.

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More interesting things about Get The Girl

Challenging levels

This game has a total of 40 levels in this game. Keep in mind that the higher the level, the harder it is. Therefore, you have to utilize your logical thinking to complete the level. Actually, it just takes you a few hours to finish all levels.

A shop in the game

A shop sells 5 special hats which are top hats, witch hats, a baseball cap and a trapper. Each hat is beautiful and colourful. You can use 500 coins to unlock a hat at random. Then, click on your favourite hat to dress it for your character.

How to play

Use the mouse to play