About Smart Looter


Be ready to join a robbery in Smart Looter! You play as a thief whose mission is to rob all items in the house without getting caught by police.

This game is played by controlling a thief to break into a house and rob all items. The more items you can rob, the more money you can earn. Each level has a designated amount of money that you’re expected to get. If you can reach the level target, you will get a victory. Be careful and sneaky! The cops patrol constantly around the house. If you appear in the lighted range, you will get caught and the robbery will fail. Therefore, release the mouse to hide under the box once you find out the cops nearby. After robbing all items in the house, you have to run as fast as possible to get into the truck and escape. If you can escape successfully, you are qualified to move on to the next level. Break a leg!

How to control

  • Use the mouse or ARROW KEYS to move
  • Release the mouse to hide under the box

Cheats and Secret about Smart Looter

Some useful tips

  • Don't run too quick if you don't want to get caught soon
  • Move in the U-shaped pathway
  • If you unexpectedly appear in the lighted range, try to run as fast as possible to escape

The levels in the game

There are more than 50 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. The higher the level, the more difficult the game is. Do your best to complete all levels to become the king of thieves. Tap to play this exciting escape game now and have fun! Share it with your friends and play it together. If you like and appreciate this game, check out another similar game which is Riot Escape on our website.