About Sift Heads 2

The second instalment, Sift Heads 2, is finally here! Get different missions and eliminate all your objectives to earn as much money as possible.

In this game, you play as a professional gunner. At the start of the game, you need to go to the Gun shop to purchase a suitable gun. Then, come to Ben's office to get your missions. There is a total of 11 missions that you’re expected to complete.

  • Mission 1: In this mission, you must eliminate an old New York mafia member. The airport is crowded, so you have to identify exactly who your objective is and then make one shot to his head. 
  • Mission 2: At this time, your target is the guy who is running. It may be challenging for you. However, you can shoot down the fake cop who is sitting before killing your target.
  • Mission 3: Your mission is to murder an old pervert. Be patient! As soon as he raises his head, kill him with one shot.
  • Mission 4: You have to snipe your enemy who is hiding in anywhere in the building. Try to find out her position and aim accurately.
  • Mission 5: Now need to participate in a thrilling car race. Press arrow keys quickly and precisely to control your car. Then, aim accurately and take your opponent down with one shot.
  • Mission 6: You are asked to assassinate the guy in the Lambo. Be careful! Act in secret and don’t alert the cops.
  • Mission 7: You have to go to Chi-town to complete this mission. Your objective is the owner of the Chevy Chevelle. Don’t hesitate to clear any obstacles in the way.
  • Mission 8: In this mission, you are required to protect your fam during the transaction. Be wary of the sniper murderer on the rooftop. Try to kill him before he hurts your fam.
  • Mission 9: There is a guy hiding in your room. Therefore, you need to kill him immediately.
  • Mission 10: Your next mission is to eliminate the Triad’s son. It is a good idea to use a high-pressure handgun and aim at his head or stomach.
  • Mission 11: Your last mission takes place in Vinnie’s room. At this time, you have to kill anyone who wants to interrupt you.

Don't hesitate! Play the game now to experience thrilling action scenes. Do your best to complete all missions. After finishing all missions, don't forget to participate in another plan of Breaking The Bank with Henry.

How to control

  • Press ARROW KEYS to move
  • Press the left mouse to shoot
  • Press a SPACEBAR to reload


Sift Heads 2 was developed by PopBrain who also made Sift Heads 4. The game is the second instalment of the Sift Heads series and was released in April 2008.