About Riot Escape


Riot Escape is a highly addictive action game. Run as fast as possible to escape if you are a rioter. If you are a cop, attempt to stop the mob from escaping.

In this game, you have to attend the battle between riots and cops. You will become a cop or an escapee at random. If you are part of an escapee mob, your goal is to reach the finish line safely. Be careful with the traps like spikes, cannons and so on along the way. If you get caught or step into the traps, you will die. Try to run as fast as possible or climb up buildings to escape the cops.

If you become a cop, you are responsible for chasing the mob to stop them. Use your billy club to beat them. Try to kill as many riots as possible. The game is over if there are too many rioters get through. Don't give up! Click the Retry button to try again. Featuring engaging gameplay, the game certainly brings you moments of relaxation and excitement. Like this game, Fleeing The Complex is also an entertaining escape game on our website. You can try playing it in your free time.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS or WASD keys to move

Some power-ups in Riot Escape

You are provided with two power-ups at the start of each round. They will assist you a lot as the game progresses. However, you are allowed to choose one of them. Here's the list of power-ups in the game and how to use them.

  • Less Cops: If you choose the power-up, the number of police will decrease significantly. Therefore, you can easily escape.
  • Speed Boost: It offers you skating shoes. When wearing these skating shoes, your running speed will increase dramatically.
  • Faster Cops: If you are a cop, choose this power-up. It allows you to run faster to hit all riots and get a victory.
  • Better Weapon: This power-up offers you a spiked combat club. You can use it to kill many riots at once.
  • Giant: It will make you become a giant guy. Therefore, you don't need to be afraid of the police if you are an escapee. Contrarily, if you are the police, you can eliminate more escapees.
  • No trap: Besides the cops, the trap is also a danger for the riot. You will lose if you unexpectedly step into the trap. Therefore, you need to choose this power-up to clear all traps along the way.
  • Slower Cops: If you are a riot, this power-up is a perfect fit for you. It helps to slow the running speed of the cops.
  • Flight: It offers you a red kite. If you want to use the kite, you need to climb on the higher area. Then, don't hesitate to jump. Right after you jump, the kite will be activated.
  • Quad: You will get a stunt car if you choose this buff. Drive your car to reach the finish line as soon as possible. Be careful! If you crash into any cop, the car will disappear.
  • Safe Start: If you choose it, you will get a helmet which is used to protect you from the cop.