About Clown Park: Hide And Seek


Clown Park: Hide And Seek is a survival arcade game. Try to escape if you are a fugitive. If you are a clown, attempt to find all hiders in the shortest time.

This game features three modes including Clown Mode, Escape mode and Random Mode. If you want a little excitement, choose a Random mode. You can be a clown or fugitive at random.

If you choose Escape mode, you will play the role of Fugitive. Your mission is to hide and run as fast as possible to escape from Clown. Attempt to avoid the puddles on the road. They will reveal your traces. Don't forget to collect as many keys as possible to open the escape door. If you get caught, you will transform into a Clown. Reversely, if you can survive until the time is over, you will get a victory. The winner will claim a lot of gold and diamonds.

If you select Clown mode, you will play as Clown. Your task is to run around and look for all fugitives. then, don't hesitate to strike all hiders you find out. Keep in mind that you have only 2 minutes. If you can't find out all hiders in the allotted time, you will lose. Therefore, you must be fast.

Did you play Hide Or Seek with your friends in your childhood? Now, you can turn on your computer and invite your friends to play this game with you. It will recall your happy childhood memories.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the character

Prominent features of Clown Park: Hide And Seek

Power-ups and talents

Like Riot Escape, this game offers many power-ups such as Invisible, Speed Boost, and Wall Penetration. During the game, you can see many paper boxes on the path. These boxes contain different power-ups. Control your character to stand next to the box and wait for 7 seconds to get a power-up at random.

Cool costumes

A shop sells a lot of cool costumes for the clown and fugitive. Use the gold and diamonds you earn to purchase your favourite costumes. You can upgrade these costumes to make your character more powerful.

Daily rewards and Rank

This game offers many daily rewards. Sign in and play it every day to claim valuable daily rewards. Try to accumulate as many experience points as possible to raise your rank from Bronze to Challenger.