About Maze Tower


Join Maze Tower to explore 16 different mazes with two little adventurers. Control your character to overcome many deadly traps and find the exit door.

Two little adventurers picked up a map of a maze tower. They wanted to explore this tower. Do you want to go with them? Your objective is to find out the exit door to move on to the next level. Be careful with a variety of deadly obstacles and traps such as spiders, skulls, spikes, buzzsaws, fire bubbles and so on in the tower. Don’t forget to check the checkpoints along the way. If you unexpectedly hit the obstacles and die, you will return to this post. Keep in mind that the time is limited. Try your best to reach the exit door before the time runs out.

Modes and Levels in Maze Tower

Game modes

This game features 3 modes including 1 PLAYER, 2 PLAYER, and RACE modes. If you play this game alone, you can choose a 1 PLAYER mode. For a 2 PLAYER mode, you can invite your friends to explore the maze. The game ends if both of you can find out the exit door. For a RACE mode, you have to compete with your friends. The first one who can reach the exit door will be the winner.


This game has a total of 16 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Keep in mind that the higher the level, the more obstacles you have to overcome. Use your hand-coordination skills to complete all levels. After conquering this maze, you can come to Labo 3D Maze to seek more thrills.

How to play


Press "WASD" keys to move

Press an "F" key to punch and hit

Press an "R" key to run


Press "ARROW KEYS" to move

Press an "L" key to punch and hit

Press a "P" key to run