About Restaurant Rush


Come and start your own restaurant business in Restaurant Rush right now! Serve delicious food to attract more customers and earn as much money as possible.

In this game, you play a role of a restaurant manager. For the first time, you must manage the restaurant alone without assistance. You have to do all the work in the restaurant such as taking orders, cooking, serving food, washing dishes, and collecting money. Try to complete all the missions to get as many dollars as possible. You can also get more money if you are lucky to welcome VIP Clients. They will pay a lot of money for a meal. Don't ignore any gold card you see in the restaurant. It costs hundreds of dollars. When you earn enough money, you can expand your restaurant. Unlocking new tables and section is necessary. Besides, you need to hire more employees who will do a specific task in the restaurant. For example, you can employ more Chefs, Vip chefs, waiters, Vip waiters, and dishwashers. At this time, as a boss of a large restaurant, your mission is only to collect money. In addition, you can upgrade dish price, dishes stock, dishes in hand, and cash register capacity. Finally, you can open more restaurants to make a chain of famous restaurants.

This game is not only exciting but also addictive. It offers you an opportunity to become a big boss of a chain of restaurants. Don't miss this opportunity. Click the Play button to play it now and have fun. If you are successful in the restaurant business, why don't you open your own supermarket in Market Boss? Do your best to earn as much money as possible to explore the universe in Moon Mission.

Features of Restaurant Rush

  • Many tasks to complete
  • Simple controls
  • Stunning 3D visuals

How to play: Use the mouse to control your character