About Pin Rescue


Utilize your intelligence to rescue two little boys in Pin Rescue right now! You have to pull the right pins to save them from dangerous rooms.

Two little boys get stuck in a dangerous room. Pins separate them. You must pull the pins in the room to reunite them and rescue them from this room. It may be challenging for you. This room has various deadly creatures like dinosaurs, venomous spiders, and dangerous traps like spikes or bombs. If you choose the wrong pin, one of two boys will lose his life. It is possible to say that their lives are in your hands. Therefore, you need to consider carefully choosing the correct pins. Utilize your logical thinking to win the level. I will suggest you one effective tip. You should pull the pin to make the wild animal fall into the trap, which will kill it as well as eliminate the trap.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Challenges and Levels of Pin Rescue

Threats in the room

  • Wild animals: In the room, you can see many wild animals like dinosaurs and venomous spiders. They are really aggressive and ready to attack anyone who comes close to them. Therefore, you have to be careful. Utilize the other obstacles to kill them.
  • Spikes: The spike trap is set on the floor. If the boy steps on it, the game is over. Therefore, you need to eliminate it first. You can lure the wild animals to jump on the spikes to eliminate them. After killing them, the trap will automatically disappear.
  • Bombs: The bomb will explode if anything touches it. You can use it to defeat wild animals.

Levels of the game

This game consists of 51 levels with different degrees of difficulty. It starts out very easy but then it gets super hard. Try your best to complete all of them. Play this game now and show off your super intelligence. It is really intriguing as well as addictive, so it is suitable for all ages. Invite your friends to play it together. Another game is called Get The Girl. I'll be surprised if anyone knows it, hopefully, more people will appreciate it.