About Breaking The Bank

Breaking The Bank is a funny stickman puzzle game. Your mission is to choose the proper object to help Henry to break into the bank successfully.

This game is the direct prequel of Escaping The Prison and is named as Episode 1 of the Henry Stickmin series. It takes place in the bank built in the middle of the desert.


In this game, you will carry out a bank robbery with Henry who is a dangerous thief. Now, he stands next to a wall of the bank and tries to find a way to break into it. There are 6 options appearing on the screen. You have to choose one of them to help Henry to get into the bank successfully. Consider carefully and make a smart decision. Each option will cause a surprising twist. Here's the list of these options.

  • Tunnel: If you select this option, Henry will get a shovel. He uses it to dig down and falls down onto a train track. As soon as he stands up, he is hit by an oncoming train.
  • Explosives: In this option, Henry will set a load of bombs next to the wall of the bank. Unexpectedly, it doesn't explode. Therefore, he goes over to check. At this time, it suddenly explodes and blows up his face.
  • Laser Drill: Henry uses a laser drill to cut a hole in the wall. Unfortunately, the wall falls and crushes on him.
    Wrecking Ball: Henry will drive a dragline excavator and control a wrecking ball to hit the wall. Unluckily, the ball misses and then comes back around. It destroys the dragline excavator and crushes on him.
  • Teleporter: He uses it to teleport into the bank, but a mistake occurs. He gets stuck in the middle of the wall
  • Disguise: In this choice, the thief ties himself in a yellow money sack and waits by the road. When the police car passes by, the police throw the sack into the back of the car and drive to the bank. After being transferred into the vault, he gets out of the sack and stands up. Unfortunately, he gets caught by a security laser. Finally, the game ends up with his imprisonment.

How to control

Click the left mouse to choose


The game is the first instalment of the Henry Stickmin series which was created by Puffballs United. The other sequels of this game are Stealing The Diamond and Fleeing The Complex. Play them on our website to learn about the interesting life story of Henry.

Achievements of Breaking The Bank

This game features 4 achievements that you're expected to accomplish. You can get them as the game progresses. Here's the list of the achievements and how to obtain them.

  • The Story Begins: If you want to get this medal, you must select the Disguising Bag.
  • Bank Account: You must collect all Breaking the Bank bios to get this medal
  • Pentafail: If you fail 5 times, you will achieve this medal. However, they must be 5 unique fails. It means that you fail 5 times after choosing Shovel, Explosives, Laser, Teleporter, and Wrecking Ball.
  • Chirp Chirp: You must choose a Shovel. After the gas main explodes, you need to click on the black car to make it quiet.