About Homescapes


Homescapes is a puzzle game that put your logical thinking ability to the test. Attempt to open the right door to help a man rescue his lover.

Austin’s girlfriend was kidnapped and imprisoned in the garden. The garden is full of deadly traps and crazy dogs and it is guarded by many robbers. Your mission is to choose the right door to eliminate all obstacles. You must think carefully before choosing. A little mistake is cost your life. If you choose the wrong door, the man or girl will be in danger. It is a good idea to utilize the traps to kill the dogs and robbers. For example, you can open the door between the dog and the robbers. After that, the dog will bite the kidnapper easily. If the man can reach the position of his lover safely, you can move on to the next level.

This game offers many levels with different degrees of difficulty. Note that the higher the level, the more challenging it is. Try your best to win all levels.

Featuring beautiful 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects, this amazing game will certainly bring you a scintillating playing experience. The game can be accessed on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhones, iPad, Samsung and other Apple and android systems. Like this game, Get The Girl on our website also has engaging gameplay and stunning graphics.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Tips to win Homescapes

  • Use the water to put out a fire: You need to pull the pin under the water pot. Then, it will fall down and put out a fire wall in front of the man.
  • Release the dog to kill a robber: Both the dog and the robber are aggressive and ready to attack the man or the girl. Therefore, you need to open the door between them first. Then, the dog will rush to the robber and bite him.
  • Use a mousetrap or arrows to kill a dog: After eliminating the robber, the dog is your next target. You must open the door between the mousetrap and the dog. When the dog rushes to the mousetrap, it will be trapped and killed.