About Panda Escape With Piggy


The online game Panda Escape With Piggy is an adventure between a panda and piggy. Guide your character to dodge obstacles and escape from the jungle.

In this game, you will participate in the adventure in the jungle with a panda and piggy. Your mission is to control Panda and Piggy to overcome a series of obstacles and traps such as buzzsaws and spikes along the way. Actually, these obstacles don't hurt two cute characters. If a panda or piggy unexpectedly crashes into them, they will go back to the starting line. Try not to fall into the water if you don’t want to lose soon. Your ultimate objective in this game is to reach the exit door and gain the highest possible score. Only when both panda and piggy reach the exit door, you are only qualified to step up to the next level.

Besides, during an adventure, you also need to collect yellow diamonds. Attempt to collect as many diamonds as possible.

This game features 10 different levels. The higher the level, the more challenging it is. Especially, level 4 is extremely hard to pass. Almost players haven't won this level. Are you the first one to beat it?

This interesting game is designed for two players. Therefore, you can invite your friends or family to play it and complete the adventure together. Play this game now and have fun. The jungle's fate is in your hands.

How to control

  • PANDA: Press ARROW KEYS to move and jump
  • PIGGY: Press WASD keys to move and jump

More Information about Panda Escape With Piggy

Developer: FBK Company

Release Date: Mon Aug 16, 2021

Features of Panda Escape with Piggy

  • 10 levels with varying degrees of difficulty
  • A variety of deadly obstacles and traps
  • Super cute graphics and melodic music tunes