About Mental Hospital Escape


Mental Hospital Escape is a funny puzzle game. Try to solve the puzzles to find a key in the room. Unlock the door and escape from a mental hospital.

The setting

The game takes place in the mental hospital where Mr John is imprisoned by mistake. Now, he wants to escape from there as quickly as possible. Can you help him?


In this game, your objective is to solve many challenging puzzles to look for a key. The key may be hidden anywhere. Therefore, you have to find it carefully. Then, use it to unlock the door to help Mr John to escape from the room in the mental hospital. Keep in mind that the time is limited. If you can't find out the key before time's up, the game is over. Be careful! Don't get caught by doctors if you don't want to fail. If you are unable to continue, click the hint button to get tips which help you to complete the level easily. Remember that your HP is limited. If you run out of HP, you can't continue to play. Wait 5 minutes to recover 5 HP. If the level is too difficult to pass, you can skip the level.

How to control

Click the left mouse to pick up the object


Mental Hospital Escape was developed by Mad Buffer and was released in February 2022.


This game is available in the web browser. It can be played on both PC and mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.

Features of Mental Hospital Escape

Chapters of the game

This game features two chapters which take place in different locations in the mental hospital

  • Chapter 1: In this chapter, Mr John is still imprisoned in the mental room. He has to find a way to get out of the room without getting caught by the doctor. The key is hidden under the pillow, in the closet or in the pocket of the doctor. Try to steal the key to unlock the door. Sometimes, he also needs to use a spoon to dig a tunnel to escape.
  • Chapter 2: This chapter is the final challenge of the game. The door is more secure. It is only unlocked by a card. Therefore, Mr John has to find steal a card in the pocket of the doctor. Use the card to unlock and get out of the hospital.

Each chapter in this game features an interesting storyline and 20 levels. The degree of difficulty of the level increases gradually. Try to complete all chapters and free Mr John at all costs. If you enjoy this game, check out two escaping games on our website. They are Fleeing The Complex and Escaping The Prison.

Time limit

Each level in this game has a time limit. You have to complete the mission in 5 minutes. The game is over if you can't find the way to get out of the hospital before time's up.

Free Tips

The game offers a tip for free on each level. You can use it whenever you get stuck.