About Stickman Escape School


Stickman Escape School is an exhilarating adventure game in which you have to choose the right object to help a stickman student escape from the school safely.

The gameplay of this game is similar to Escaping The Prison. In this game, you play as a student who is too bored with lessons at school. Therefore, you decide to escape from there. In the classroom, there is a paper box which contains 10 items. Choose one of them to get out the school now.

Options in the game

Here's the list of options you have to select.

  • A key: You can use the key to unlock the door of the classroom. Be careful! Your teacher and guard are standing in the hall. Tap the screen quickly to hit them and run out of the school.
  • A knife: Use it to unlock the door of the ventilation pipe. After that, you must crawl through the ventilation duct to get to the rooftop of the school. Choose the phone or the bag to escape from there safely.
  • A bomb: It can be used to explode your school. However, it may be a bad plan as it will also explode you.
  • A hammer: Using the hammer to hit the door of the classroom can hurt you.
  • A phone: You can use it to send a message to the alien flying saucer. Of course, you also become their food. 
  • An electric saw: You can use it to cut the door of the classroom. Watch out! Your teacher and guard are waiting outside. Therefore, you must quickly tap the screen to knock down them and get out of the school safely
  • A rope: You can connect the rope from your classroom to the yard. Unfortunately, you get caught by the guard and your plan will fail.
  • A piece of cheese: It can be used to lure a mouse, which scares your teacher. After he runs away, it’s time to escape
  • A pair of pink sandals: If you wear a pair of pink sandals, you won’t make any sound while escaping from the classroom.
  • A teleporter: If you choose it, you will be teleported to the main road. After that, you are crushed by an oncoming truck

How to control

Click the left mouse button to choose the object