About Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave

Your mission in the game

Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave is an addictive adventure game. Control a cute boy to jump and avoid many enemies. Try to get the highest possible score.

Play this game to explore the endless tower. Your mission is to take control of a cute boy to jump from one platform to another one. The boy runs from left to right and right to left automatically. You just need to click the left mouse button to jump. Be careful The tower is protected by many brutal guards. If you uncarefully crash into them, the game is over. Do your best to avoid your enemies and survive as long as you can. Because the tower is endless, your goal is to jump as high as possible to level up. The higher you can reach, the more points you can gain. Attempt to get the highest possible. Good luck!  More interestingly, the background will change colour whenever you move on to the next level. This will give you a scintillating playing experience.

This game is exciting as well as easy to play. Therefore, play the game to start the adventure with the adorable boy now. Let's see what is your highest score. If you like this game don't forget to check out the other escape game which is Escaping The Prison on our website.

How to play

Click the left mouse button to jump.

Features of Crazy Boy Escape From The Cave

An endless tower

In this game, the tower has no finish line and an uncountable number of floors. In the tower, there are many aggressive guards. The higher you go, the more guards there are. Therefore, you need to be careful.

Beautiful 2D graphics and energetic music

The 2D graphics of the game are beautiful and colourful. Especially, the colour of the background change constantly. In addition, the music is so upbeat, which helps to boost your mood while playing the game.