About Escape From Prison


Escape From Prison is a puzzle and funny game where you help the man escape from prison. You need to choose the correct objects to get out of prison.

Welcome to the world of puzzles where you can enjoy superb and entertaining experiences to get rid of boredom! The man is caught in a strange prison which is very solid. He needs your help to exit prison. Your duty is to choose the suitable object to save him. Many options are given that sometimes make you confused. However, you will base on the other background to give the correct choice. If you make the wrong choice, try it again. You need to use your intelligence to rescue the man.

You will help the poor man with your genius brain. So, why don't you click to play Escape From Prison? You will have an exciting experience when you try it.

Features of Escape From Prison

  • Fun and exciting game
  • Easy to control and play
  • Time count

How to play

Click your mouse or tap to choose the correct option.