About Among Space Escape


Get ready to participate in the adventure in Among Space Escape. Control a Hero to jump from one asteroid to another asteroid to return to its spaceship.

In this game, you transform into a hero who tries to escape from the evil Red Jump. Your goal is to control a hero to jump from one asteroid to another asteroid to return to the spaceship. You need to be quick as the spaceship of the Red Jump is chasing behind you. The game is over if you get caught. Be careful with the burning comets and hot asteroids. The burning comet sometimes flies over. When it comes close to you, you must jump immediately to avoid it. The hot asteroid will cool down for seconds. Utilize this opportunity to jump on it. However, you need to jump quickly to another asteroid if you don’t want to explode. Keep in mind that you have only 3 lives on each level. Collect as many hearts as possible to get more lives. You will score 10 points for each jump. Try to gain the highest possible score. Do your best to escape from the Red Jump and get 3 stars.

This game offers 15 levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Try your best to beat all of the levels to save your space friend.

Features of Among Space Escape

  • 15 levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Many dangerous obstacles
  • Easy controls
  • Nice 2D graphics and energetic music

How to play

Press a "LEFT ARROW KEY" for a small jump

Press a "RIGHT ARROW KEY" for a big jump