About Fun Escape 3D


Play Fun Escape 3D, an exciting running game. Your task is to control a little boy to avoid many dangerous obstacles. Try to run as far as possible.

Get ready to participate in the running race in this game. Your mission is to control a little boy to race with the other 2 boys. This race is held on an endless bridge made of stone. Therefore, your objective is to run as far as possible. The further you can run, the higher score you can gain. Try your best to get the highest possible score. Be careful! Your opponents can play a trick on you by hitting you to eliminate you from the race. Of course, you can do the same thing with them if you want. Besides, the bridge is so narrow. If you uncarefully fall into the water, the game is over. In addition, it is built like a killing machine with a variety of dangerous obstacles and traps. They are moving iron balls, giant swipers, spikes and so on. Even though they don’t hurt, they will make you fall and slow down your speed. However, don’t give up. Stand up and keep running. I know you can do it.

This game is not only intriguing but also addictive. Featuring an endless racetrack, it will hook you for hours to play. If you want more thrills, check out Escape From Nightmare to embark on another more exciting adventure.

How to control

Use the mouse to slide to move the character

Tips and Cheats

  • Hit your rivals to eliminate them from the race as soon as possible
  • Stay in the middle of the bridge to avoid falling into the river
  • Stop a few seconds to find the best way to evade the obstacles
  • Utilize the booster to run faster