About Hamster Island


Go to Hamster Island to explore many mysterious things now! Help a cute hamster develop the island and invite your friends to join the hamster community.

In this game, you must help a little hamster to develop the island. Attempt to collect as many gold coins as possible. Then, you can use the coins you earn to build many buildings such as farmland, cafe, library, textile mill, sawmill, and post office. Besides, you also need to stroke hamsters to get hearts. Only you can't handle all tasks in the buildings on the island. Therefore, you should accumulate as many hearts as possible to hire other hamsters to work for you. In addition, you can invite new hamster islanders with hearts. The advanced hamsters can increase the gain of gold coins and hearts. If you want to get an advanced hamster, you should rescue an advanced hamster in a cage. Another way is to hatch an egg to get an advanced hamster at random. It takes an egg only 3 minutes to hatch.

The gameplay of this game is not only engaging but also simple. Therefore, if you are a big fan of Crafty Miner, you certainly like this game. Click to play this game now and build a paradise for the cute hamster.

How to play

Use the mouse to play

Features of Hamster Island

Multiple tasks and Daily rewards

This game features multiple tasks that you are expected to complete. If you can finish all of them, you will get extra gold coins. If you are a newbie, you will receive a gift pack with many valuable rewards. Sign in and play this game every day to claim daily rewards. Much like this game, our website presented Moon Mission that anyone could recognize its fun and attraction.

Advanced Hamsters

The shop sells a variety of advanced hamsters including Bee Hamster, Panda Hamster, White Bear Hamster, Chicky Baby Hamster, Kangaroo Hamster, Frog Hamster, Dragon Hamster, and Ultraman Hamster. You must use the coins you earn to purchase them.