About Koby Jump Escape


A dangerous prisoner in Koby Jump Escape is waiting for you to rescue. Do your best to collect all the money bags in the room to open the door of the prison.

Your mission is super simple. Just control Koby to jump around the prison room to pick up 3 money bags. You can utilize the springboard to jump higher. Be careful! The prison room is set up with many spiked traps. If you unexpectedly crash into them three times, you will lose. Try to jump as high as possible to overcome them. Be wary of unstable wooden platforms. They will collapse as soon as you land on them. In addition, the prison guards patrol around the prison 24/7. The game is over if you bump into them. I suggest you should jump on the head of the guards to eliminate them. The door is only unlocked after 3 money bags are collected. Attempt to reach the door safely to move on to the next level.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to move and jump

More noteworthy information about Koby Jump Escape

Levels of the game

The prison features 13 challenging levels that you’re expected to complete. As the level progress, the difficulty of the game will increase. Do your best to accomplish all of them to help Koby escape from the prison. After you complete all levels of this game, don’t forget that the two heroes in Space Prison Escape also waiting for you to save them from the prison. Come and help them if you have free time.


This great game was developed by Bnagames. It was released in April 2022.


The game is playable in the web browser. Like other games such as Escape From Nightmare, it is also accessed on both PC and mobile devices.

How to play

Press "ARROW KEYS" to move and jump