About Lazy Jumper


Lazy Jumper is a funny arcade game. Control a fat little boy to jump to the finish line and enter the swimming pool. Destroy everything you see along the way.

The mechanic of this arcade game is super simple. Just take a control of a lazy fat boy to jump from his swimming pool chair to the swimming pool. In spite of his big size body, he can jump really high. Don’t forget to destroy everything in front of your way. However, you need to be careful with the anvils on the road. They can hurt you. Attempt not to touch them if you don’t want to lose the game soon. Actually, it is difficult for you to get 3 stars. If you want to get 3 stars, you must achieve two goals. Firstly, you must destroy everything along the way. Secondly, you must control a chubby boy to land on one of the swimming pool floats perfectly.

A shop sells a variety of swim trunks, T-shirts, caps and sunglasses. Accumulate as many stars as possible to purchase your favourite items in the shop.

This game offers many levels with varying degrees of difficulty. Do your best to complete all of the levels and have a good time! The game can be accessed on both Android devices and PC.

Features of Lazy Jumper

  • A variety of shorts, T-shirts, hats, and sunglasses to select
  • Many levels with different degrees of difficulty
  • Easy controls
  • Colourful 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects

Developer: This game was developed by Seryas Games

Release Date: April 2022

How to play

Press a left mouse button or SPACEBAR to jump