About Market Boss

Build your own retail supermarket empire in Market Boss! Keep all the shelves stocked, attract more customers and earn as much money as possible.

In this game, your mission is to manage a supermarket. If you want to increase sales in your supermarket, you need to keep all the shelves stocked. Run to the stock and takes all necessary goods. Then, place them on suitable shelves. This helps to attract more customers. Keep in mind that the more crowded your supermarket is, the more money you can earn. Do your best to earn as much money as possible. If you see any money case, don't ignore it. It contains a lot of money. Besides, When you see the coca spilling on the floor, clean it to avoid slipping. Expanding the supermarket is also your important task. You need to use the money you earn to unlock new shelves and sectors featuring brand-new goods. Drink, meat, organics, seafood and candies sectors are available to unlock. When your supermarket becomes larger and more crowded, you can't manage all tasks there. It's time to hire more staff to help you fulfil the shelves. Moreover, you need to hire a cashier to help you collect payment. In addition, you also need to start a delivery service to get more income.

Play the game now and build your own retail supermarket empire. After you become a successful supermarket owner, why don't you build your own hospital in Healing Rush?

More facts about Market Boss


The game was created by Izyplay Game Studio. It was released in October 2021 for Android devices, in January 2022 for iOS devices and in April 2022 in WebGL.


The game is available online in the web browser. It can be accessed on both PC and Android and iOS devices, like Moon Mission.