About Rescue Man From Prison

Brain teaser task

Rescue Man From Prison is a challenging puzzle game. Your mission is to solve a series of hard puzzles to unlock the door and rescue your friend from prison.

Your goal is to solve puzzles to rescue your friend who is imprisoned by mistake. He really wants to escape prison right now. You can find the puzzles on the walls and doors. All puzzles are tricky. Logic thinking and the ability to remember are important to solve some puzzles like connecting two identical pictures, matching letters or a jigsaw game. You can look for some clues around the prison room. If you get stuck, you can use the hint button to get the suggestion from the game. Don't forget all items such as a knife, keys, money bags and fire extinguishers in the room. They are extremely useful. You can put them in suitable holes to unlock the new puzzles.

In this game, your ultimate objective is to collect 4 locks to open the door of the prison room. Your friend is waiting for you to save him from the dungeon. Click to play this brain-training puzzle game. After you rescue your friend, don't forget to save other prisoners in Prison Escape Master.


This point-and-click game was developed by 8B Games. It is available online on our website and can be played on both PC and mobile devices like Stealing The Diamond.

Tips to win Rescue Man From Prison

  • Pay attention to the words on the wall and the picture: You can see two words "LAW", and "JAIL" on the book in the picture. Besides, the word "KITE" is on the wall. They are the answers to three wordy puzzles
  • Remember the colours of the picture: You must remember the colours of the book in the picture if you want to solve the colour puzzles.
  • The soldier pictured on the wall is a clue: When looking at the wall, you can see many soldiers hunching over. Pay attention to their poses and guess a sequence of numbers. Then, click the two gun buttons on the wall.