About Sift Heads 4

Sift Heads 4 is a thrilling shooting game. Try to aim accurately and eliminate your objective with one shot to earn as much money as possible.

In this game, you play as a professional sniper shooter who could kill your objective with one shot. There are 8 missions waiting for you to accept. Here's a list of missions.

  • Mission 1: The objective of this mission is a wanted local criminal in Tokyo, Japan. You have to kill him for the police. After eliminating him, you have to move on to the next target who is the leader of a mutiny in a Yakuza gang. Finally, your duty is to protect the head leaders of the Yakuza clan.
  • Mission 2: Your next mission is carried out in Venise, Italy. You have to kill the man who is a member of a small cartel before he gets his message to his band. Then, your duty is to shoot down a dirty rotten boat seller. Moreover, you must make it look like an accident.
  • Mission 4: This mission is in Nice, France. You are asked to murder the lawyer on vacation. After eliminating him, you have to sift the runaway couple's heads with one shot. Do your best to kill them to get the rewards of 4000 dollars and turn on the next target. Your next objective is to shoot down a rapper to earn 6000 dollars
  • Mission 5: In this mission, you have to go to Cairo, Egypt and take two head leaders of a group of weapon dealers down in secret. Then, you must eliminate the authorities and the merchant’s local contact. Note that he hides in the Cairo Markets.
  • Mission 6: At this time, you need to go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to complete your mission. Your first goal is to snipe a high-class criminal in Gallardo. After that, you are asked to assassinate a vacationer at Rio without witnesses. Although you try to do everything in secret, you are spotted at the hotel by another vacationer. Therefore, you need to kill him as soon as possible. Unfortunately, your client refuses to pay after you complete the mission. Thus, don’t hesitate to shoot down this non-paying client.
  • Mission 7: Montreal in Canada is your next destination in this mission. Your client is the Montreal Police. They ask you to murder a local crime lord to stop the cocaine transaction. After that, you are employed by a local crime organisation. Your mission is to kill one of their rival's important members.
  • Mission 8: Your final mission is to an old politician in Vancouver, Canada. Try to make it look like an accident.

It's time to show your shooting skills. Try to complete all missions and earn as much money as possible to purchase new weapons. After finishing all your assassination missions, you can join a plan of Stealing The Diamond with Henry if you are interested.

How to control

Press SPACEBAR to switch the weapon

Click the left mouse to shoot