About Steve Go Kart Portal


Be ready to embark on Steve’s new 2nd adventure in Steve Go Kart Portal now! Try to evade deadly obstacles along the way and reach the portal to level up.

In this game, you must control your own kart to explore the Minecraft world with Steve. Your objective is to go from home to the portal and repair the portal. Be wary of a variety of deadly obstacles and traps such as the river, lava, bombs, archers and spider webs. The game is over if you fall into water and lava or get caught by spider webs or get hit by arrows. You should jump as high as possible to avoid these obstacles. Besides, the bombs will drop from the sky. Therefore, you need to control the kart to go as fast as possible to dodge them. Sometimes, you need to stop for a few seconds to evade the bombs. Try your best to reach the portal and move on to the next level. The time and lives in this game are unlimited, so don’t worry if you fail. Click the restart button and try it again.

How to play

Press A or LEFT ARROW keys to stop

Press W or UP ARROW keys to jump

Reasons you should try Steve Go Kart Portal

Beautiful graphics and relaxing music

This game features stunning 2D pixel graphics and catchy music. Therefore, it will bring you a scintillating playing experience. Additionally, it offers many challenges which will make you excited while playing. What are you waiting for? Click the Play button to participate in the adventure with a little boy right now. Invite your friends to play with you.


This awesome driving game is playable in the web browser. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones.